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The Lesser Kindred by Elizabeth Kerner

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And I am slowly making my way through the second book in Elizabeth Kerner's trilogy. To be fair, it is more because of my hectic work schedual than the book that it is taking me awhile to get through it. But this is mostly a refresher for me. My goal is to finish this one so I can finally read the newest book and actually know what is going on.

This book picks up almost immediatly after teh first one, Song in the Silence. In it, the Greater Kindred are forced by nature off their island, ending a several thousand year isolation. They seek out Varien and Lanen to help them get along in this new/old home.

The end though is a huge cliff hanger, with the demons actually getting Lanen. It quite literally ends with her being dragged away. Which is fine now that the third book is out but man was it a frustrating several years waiting.

All in all, this was a good sequal and a good contiuation of this series.
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