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Song in the Silece by Elizabeth Kerner

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This is a book that I am currently re-reading. The author just came out with the third in the series and after picking it up and reading the first couple pages, I relized I had to admit to old age and memory loss and re-read the first two. In my defense, the author is slow in publishing her sequels.

The main characherter is a young woman named Lanen Kaeler who travels across the sea to meet the legendary Dragons. Along the way she also finds out about her mother, and her real father, a man who deals with Demons and made a deal with those demons to give them his first child in exchange for power.

This is the first book of the series. As such, it sets up a lot of plot. But, since it also seems to be the first book of a cautious author, it also ends nicly. There is still obviously things that don’t get taken care of but you can easily finish this book and not immediately have to find the sequal. The second in this series is not nearly as kind.

Basically, I’d recommend is as an interesting world and a good fantasy read.
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