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Girl Genius

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Now for something completely differant on here, I'm going to talk about a comic. Girl Genius (www.girlgeniusonline.com) is one of my all time favorite comics. The steam punk feel of the entire thing is wonderful. The story line is consistent and the drawing in wonderful. And the best part? Its free on-line to read. Though I totally recommend buying the books. The story is worth is and I can't get enough of Agatha. Though, Cafe Press has some fun goodies too...

This is a fairly old comic and as such there is a lot to catch up on and on-line there is a huge gap in the story between the old pages being revamped and the current story arc. You need to either buy the books to fill in that gap or be patient as the author adds new pages and fils in that gap. But the update are remarkably consistent and there is little wrong with this comic that I can find. Funny, innovative and constantly fresh, it is recommended to one and all.

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